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$60 each

CBD Alive Abundant Suppositories 300mg

CBD Alive’s Abundant Suppositories are Pure CO2 extracted CBD-rich Cannabis Oil in a 20 to 1 CBD to THC ratio. Suppositories offer perhaps the most efficacious delivery method for absorption Cannabinoids. Each Suppository has more than 45mg of Cannabinoids in a Wildcrafted coconut oil base. 7 Suppositories per jar. Over 300 mg of Cannabinoids per bottle.

$60 each

CBD Alive Skin Elixer 300mg

CBD Alive’s Skin Elixer has .5 gram of our CBD Rich Cannabis Oil in a CBD to THC 1 to 1 ratio. The oil is blended with Shea Butter and Organic Frankincense and comes in a 1/4 oz jar. This Cannabinoid rich cream is ideal for serious skin conditions.


$12 each

CBD Living Bath Bombs

Our CBD Living Bath Bombs are made from only the finest ingredient bringing your bathing experience to the next level with added CBD!  Use one to enhance your bath experience.  Fill your bathtub with warm water, drop in the Bath Bomb and lay back to enjoy its lovely color and great fragrance! 60mg of CBD 8 ounces Made from Quality Ingredients No staining or rings around tub Refreshing and rejuvenating Great as a Gift! Current Fragrances include: Amber Bergmont Coconut Lime Eucalyptus Lavender

$120 each

Emu 420 Black Medicated Rub

$50 each

Emu 420 Classic Mentholated Medicated Rub, 20mg

$80 each

Emu 420 Gold Medicated Rub, 50mg

$80 each

Emu 420 Gold Mentholated Medicated Rub, 50mg

$16 each

Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patch

Mary’s flagship product is the transdermal patch. Born out of the commitment for accurate dosing and the application of pharmaceutical grade delivery methods within the cannabis industry, Mary’s created the safest, most effective way to consume cannabis to date – transdermally. As the anchor to our regime, our patches are the primary source of relief with our other products used as an accompaniment. Our patches are 2×2 squares, easy to use, and adhere simply to any part of the skin. Offered in single dose packaging, we currently have six formulations; CBD, CBD:THC, THC Acid & CBN in 10mg dosage and THC Sativa & THC Indica in 20mg dosage.

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